Fighting My Funk

The universe has not been on my side the past few weeks. It’s really bringing me down. Today I found a stack of pennies on the side of the road. I’m taking it as a sign of good luck, though Harris said it’s just a sign that some kids were playing and forgot them. Thanks optimist. Always such a practical guy.

So here I am to purge my negativity and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like crap all day, every day. Imagine if you will the non-stop feeling of someone stabbing you in your butt cheek, the pain shooting to your knee and non-stop muscle spasms in your leg. That is my life right now. My life with sciatica. It’s rare I find a comfortable position I can sit in. I can’t concentrate on anything and I’ve gone from excitement and passion for all the things Im working on to just leave me in my bed and let me sleep until the pain goes away.

Just a few weeks ago I was really excited to be working out every day. I was feeling REALLY good. I was ready to make changes in my life and was convinced that great things were going to happen personally and professionally. Until the day my leg gave out on me for no apparent reason. I suppose I should be happy that I didn’t have to go to the hospital this time. I’m definitely more mobile than the last time this happened, and can already feel improvement. But it still sucks. 100%. Sucks.

I can’t sit at my desk for more than 20 minutes. I’m tired of telling Rylie I can’t carry her to bed, or sit on her little stool to read her a story when she goes potty. I don’t want my 3 year old to see me as an old crippled woman and I certainly hate it when she tells me her back hurts, because she sees mine does. The worst part about it, It will likely effect me for the rest of my life.

This episode is getting better. It is and I just have to keep reminding myself of it. But damn it’s hard.

OK, I feel somewhat cleansed of my frustration for now. Thanks for listening. Don’t feel sorry for me. Just kick my ass and tell me to snap out of it! (But please keep your ass kicking to my right butt cheek since the left is suffering already.)

A Lesson in Patriotism


Each week Rylie’s homework assignment requires her to learn a new vocabulary word. This week we chose patriotism. A big word for a three year old. Right now she understands it as wearing red, white and blue, celebrating her freedom by running through thousands of American Flags and letting red, white and blue balloons float into the air and clapping for them. If only it were that simple. I suppose we will continue to work on the importance of this day and this concept over the next few years. Continue reading

Window Shopping Wednesday; The Travel Edition

I’m working for myself now and pinching pennies, but a girl’s gotta dream. So we’re starting Window Shopping Wednesdays on the blog. A weekly post dedicated to dreaming of the day we can shop our little hearts out. Until then we scour the world wide web finding motivation for me to keep trudging along in this crazy little freelance world I live in.

Week 1, Let’s go! This week’s theme is kiddo travel, since we’ll be flying cross country very soon and need lot’s of entertainment and easy kid solutions.


1. Lately Lily Books – I saw these and immediately fell in love with the watercolor illustration style and the story of this traveling little girl. There’s a whole series including flash cards. Love it!

2. Feed Our Small World T-shirt – I saw this in a second hand store and fell in love. Totally regretting not buying it. Hmm, wonder if it’s still there?

3. Kids Camelbak – Necessary to look cute while keeping hydrated on those hot Disney days

4. Scary Cute Long Sleeved Tee – When your kid gives up on Halloween costumes it’s important to have a festive backup plan.

5. Toms – Easy on, easy off. Perfect for on-the-go theme park days

6. Madisons Patriotic Project – We love books, especially when traveling. My mom recently shared this website with us. It’s a friend of hers who is an author and child psychiatrist. Visit her website, her books also have accompanying teaching tools! Check out Dr. Vanita Braver.

7. Disney’s Frozen Spot It Game – We’ve been working a lot on our letters lately, and this game looks like it travels well. Definitely something that can keep us occupied on a plane… at least for a half hour.

8. Trace Letters Workbook – All day, all night “mom can you make me letters.” Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Pre-drawn dotted letters. I’ll be damned if this kid doesn’t learn something on this vacation.