While the rest of the country is wrapping up their back to school shopping, we’re heading into our third week of Kindergarten and our first official “day off” of school next week. It seems like Arizona kids have A LOT of random days off of school in comparison to when I was growing up. But SO much has changed since I was in kindergarten… like, 25ish years ago? ūüėČ


No School


Kindergarten is great. Like so great! At least for us. It’s like, I dropped off one kid at school and picked up another one.

I suppose it isn’t this way for everyone, but much like her neurotic mom, Rylie needs her personal space. Chaos and crazy screaming kids give her anxiety and she likes structure and rules. Sadly when you head into the working world it’s much like going back to preschool, which won’t help her in the future, but for now we’ll take the bliss. Because when she comes home, she unpacks her backpack, puts her lunch containers in the sink, goes upstairs and cleans¬†her room and takes off her uniform. I DON”T EVEN HAVE TO ASK PEOPLE! Routine. It’s all about repetitive routine. Oh yeah, and bedtime is SO easy. SO SO EASY. Kindergarten where have you been all her life?


Kinder Kids


First I want to bust this myth that everyone raves about. The “school uniforms are so great” myth. Sure, they are cute, but I hate them. Mostly because there’s no originality, but also have you ever tried to teach a kindergartner how to tuck in her shirt and not look like Steve¬†Urkel? We go through the same problems we always have picking out what outfit we’re going to wear, despite the flat lay she does on the floor the day before. These shorts look silly, these pants are too long, this skirt has no pockets. We rotate through the same 5 pairs of shorts, pants, skirts and dresses every day until she decides which one is just right. I proceed to tuck the shirt back in at least 3 times before she leaves on the days she doesn’t wear a dress, knowing that she goes potty before class and it inevitably will be untucked, even though the rules are, it needs to be tucked in. Let’s not forget undies, socks and shoes. She owns 2 pairs of shoes, and puts both on each morning deciding which is more comfortable today. I can’t even consider adding more shoes to the rotation because it would add another half hour to our morning. Certain undies feel more comfortable than others depending on what bottom she wears, because, of course wonder woman undies are way more comfortable with a skirt than bat girl. Everyone knows this.


Kindergarten Kids


But aside from our fashion drama, Rylie’s got this kindergarten thing down, I say as my husband texts me that she didn’t want to go into class this morning. Sigh.

Every day she meets up with her “gang” at the park where the walking school bus begins. If the walking school bus is missed, commence melt down. I meet her to pick her up at the walking school bus in the afternoon. A mile walk each way is just one more way to wear her out, cause she¬†needs it! I think it also makes her feel a little independent. I admit I was sad when she decided she no longer wanted me to walk with her, but, I won’t lie, I don’t mind having the¬†few extra minutes to pick up a¬†Starbucks on the way.


Free Cafeteria Breakfast in Kindergarten


In the morning the school gives the kids FREE breakfast, and my kid is not one to pass up anything free. She tried to get me to go to the car wash every day of the week when they were offering free washes. She knows how to maximize a freebie. She also has the option to buy school lunch or bring it. So far she brings it every day, because she doesn’t eat cheese and well, pretty much everything has cheese on it. I also think the thought of getting in the cafeteria lunch line makes her nervous, so for now I’ll keep packing lunch. I’m good with it. Whatever keeps the peace.

Today’s classrooms are so tech. Smart boards, tablets. It’s bananas. What ever happened to a good old chalkboard. Isn’t it a right of passage to hear that screeching chalk on the board. My favorite part though is the daily updates we get every day from the teacher. Rylie seems to think I’m tapped into her classroom and can see everything that’s happening throughout the day. But really her teacher gives us a really good run down of what’s going on. I suspect this won’t always be the case but it’s nice to be looped in for now since it’s all so new.

It’s super dorky of me I know, but I’m overly excited to start helping out at school with fundraisers and events. The school requires 7 hours volunteer time from each family during the school year. Time to start perfecting my face painting skills. I really want to be the official school face painter. But for now I am signed up for book fair and ice cream night.

Speaking of ice cream, yesterday and every Thursday is ice cream day at school! Infraction cards, Power Paws… SO MUCH NEW STUFF.

I love kindergarten. Did I mention? Oh, and she does too. She told me so.



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