We LOVE Kindergarten

While the rest of the country is wrapping up their back to school shopping, we’re heading into our third week of Kindergarten and our first official “day off” of school next week. It seems like Arizona kids have A LOT of random days off of school in comparison to when I was growing up. But SO much has changed since I was in kindergarten… like, 25ish years ago? 😉


No School


Kindergarten is great. Like so great! At least for us. It’s like, I dropped off one kid at school and picked up another one.

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Catching Up – Mother’s Day 2016

My Mom is the Bomb


I’m hopping on the way-back machine today. Way back to the best Mother’s Day weekend followed by the worst two weeks of upper respiratory germ insanity.

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Eating Around Phoenix

Eating is my favorite. It’s true. If there’s anything I love to do it’s to find a good local restaurant and chow down. Phoenix has so many great options to choose from when it comes to food and has an incredibly supportive culture when it comes to local businesses. Here are a few of my (our) favorite spots to hit up lately…

You had me at brunch
Brunch tee here.

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