My Mom is the Bomb


I’m hopping on the way-back machine today. Way back to the best Mother’s Day weekend followed by the worst two weeks of upper respiratory germ insanity.


Mother's Day at school



The Friday before the big day we had Mother’s Day breakfast at school, which always scares the heck out of me, because I’ve never once gone to a school event that she allowed me to leave incident free. But she was a good sport and understood we had a fun weekend ahead, so I was able to escape school with no crying.


We had the last of our perfect weather days Mother’s Day weekend so I took Rylie to the Phoenix Zoo on Saturday for a girl’s day out. We had the best day. We shared kettle corn, rode a camel, pet the goats, sat on a tractor, played on the playground and of course took lots of photos.


Rylie and a Pelican

This photo does that pelican in the background no justice. It was HUGE and therefore required a photo.


Zebra at the Phoenix Zoo


Tractor at The Phoenix Zoo

I imagine her driving around a farm deep in thought.

On our way to the zoo she gave me the play by play of how my Mother’s Day would pan out. I think this was my most favorite part of Mother’s Day 2016 because she actually had her own ideas. .

  1. We would wake up and do our hair, but leave our PJs on. Then we would take a mommy/Rylie photo
  2. We would have a delicious breakfast of bacon, cereal and fruit
  3. Daddy would buy me a present
  4. We can eat lunch wherever I want
  5. We’ll play games the rest of the day and watch TV



Mother's Day 2016

Instead of waking me up to do hair they let me sleep in, UNTIL 10:00! Best morning EVER!

Mothers Day Gift

I couldn’t ask for a better gift.

We ate homemade liege waffles, inspired by our favorite Waffle Luv but better, cause hello, we had enough waffle dough to eat waffles ALL WEEKEND LONG. Score!

Mothers Day Spaghetti at North Italia

And then more eating… of course. At North Italia in Arcadia

But all good things come to an end, and that delicious carb-loaded meal was the last of the goodness. We woke up Monday with sore throats, followed by croup, followed by sinus infections, bronchitis, fevers… you get the idea. The whole family was confined to our home for over a week and we’re still finding times we aren’t feeling top notch yet. But all in all we’re happy, somewhat healthy and getting back to our regular routine.


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