The Kale Rose Debacle


Happy Friday! This fun little story just came back to me from a few weeks ago when we took a trip to the farmer’s market. A little insight into the mind of a four year old.

Lately I’ve been loving flowers. I keep them on my desk, in my kitchen, wherever. It just makes me happy. So we took a little family trip to the farmer’s market to visit My Little Posy and pick up a bouquet, because why wouldn’t you shop for your flowers at a place that markets them as “Panty Dropper, So Good Makes You Want to Slap Yo’ Mama, Epic bouquets.” Yup. Count me in.

Other than the kale rose I don’t recall exactly what I bought but I know I picked some of the more expensive stems (and by expensive I mean $5 as opposed to $1)

Anyhoo, thinking my kiddo was in her own little world I was chatting it up with the owner of the shop who told me I was “just going to die when the flowers bloomed.”

Flash forward to that afternoon.

I’m putting away laundry and Rylie comes in to tell me she fell down the stairs because she was twirling on the railing. She was fine, no crying, all was well, she just wanted to let me know. I reminded her that is why we tell her not to play on the stairs because she could have been hurt a lot worse. This is when all hell breaks loose.

Kiddo starts screaming “you’re so mean you always call me mean and stinky and it’s not nice!”

Note, I have never called her mean or stinky.

She runs into her room and slams the door. This is a first. She refuses to go in her room alone for the most part and would never consider shutting the door. But this happened. My husband goes to check on her and she is sitting on the floor with a pair of scissors CUTTING my brand new flowers into tiny pieces all over her floor.

A few hours later she asks “mom, are you going to die now?” WHAT??? “The lady at the farmer’s market said you were going to die when the flowers opened.” Mouth drops.

I explained it was just a figure of speech and that I was going to be fine, but still in my mind I wonder, was she trying to save me, or kill me by cutting up those flowers?

A few days later she asked me what the green flower was called again. I told her it was a Kale Rose to which she responded, “no mom, remember it’s not going to kill you.”

Kill, kale, tomato, tomato.

Is Emo Still a Thing?


As a kid everyone teased that I was a “girl scout” and my sister was a “marine” due to my overly sensitive side and her “I don’t give a damn” attitude.

As I grew up I listened to music that would send my emotions on a rollercoaster of ups and downs. I analyzed every lyric to every song thinking it was written about my life, cause you know, teen life #thestruggleisreal. My mom even threw away my Cure cassette tapes claiming they were too dark.

From the ages of 18 to 30 something I had a number of friends pass away way too early in life. And then I lost love.

So what would any normal person do? I moved to Arizona where everything is all sunshine and roses. OK, that’s a joke, but really, there’s nothing like stepping away from a place that drags you down. I cut off listening to any music for the longest time even though it was something I loved and dug deep to find my own “I don’t give a damn” attitude.

What am I writing about here? Oh, right. My child. The suddenly sensitive four year old who cries at Kung Foo Panda (not Kung Foo Panda #1, that one is ok, but Kung Foo Panda 2, bring on the waterworks) and claims the song You are My Sunshine makes her so so sad because WHY? WHY WOULD YOU TAKE HER SUNSHINE AWAY?

I’m starting to have flashbacks of my own sensitivity which is slightly scary. The sadness she feels at bedtime about the thought of being alone, the emotions she gets when she listens to a song or watches a movie (Dumbo is another one that really drags her down) and the anxiety she gets when the kids at school get too close or even just when I drop her off to a place she’s gone every day for the last 4 years of her life.

It’s not the best feeling when you see the traits that caused you so much pain start to show in your child’s personality.

We’ve got a loooong road ahead of us little girl.

Sweet Dreams: Rylie’s New Bedroom

Rylie’s New Bedroom Remodel


Oh my, it’s been some time since my last post. Looking back, I was in quite a funk. I’ve since recovered and have been really inspired to share in our little space again.

Flower lights (Ikea), Paint (Home Depot), Kitchen (Kid Craft), Green Run + Orange Storage Box (Target)


My husband made this bed from the plans you can find here but we made ours a double. In all the project took about 3 weekends, not because it was difficult but sanding the wood was a bit time consuming, especially in the Arizona heat.

I pulled our Ikea shelf from our playroom (I love how it creates a little wall) and got some baskets and storage containers from Target on clearance with an additional discount from the Cartwheel App. Target does it again! (Those blue containers, $1.50 a piece after all my discounts.) If you don’t have this app you MUST get it.


The steps leading up to her “stage”






Tension rods are all the rage in our house. I use them as bookends on the shelves for my cookbooks in the pantry and as a costume hanger. Plus some cute little lantern lights again on sale at Target during the back to school season.


This room is actually REALLY tiny. It’s amazing how much you can fit by raising the bed off the floor. I am on an organization tear and am selfishly looking forward to reclaiming my office turned playroom.

Black Shelves, Striped Basket, Owl Basket, Bed Sheets (Target)




I was crushed to get rid of our big white Ikea dresser but I found this as a space-saver and an opportunity for Rylie to learn how to spell a few more words. She’s been putting her laundry away herself for over a year now and I’ve always feared she’d pull that big dresser down on herself one day. This is much safe and slightly educational!

Sterilite Drawers + Chalkboard Stickers (Target)


We read EVERY ONE of those books.



That’s it! If you have any desire to have this bed in your house you MUST take the next step. LIFE CHANGING.

Cheer me on in the comments if you want me to keep up my posting momentum. Or, ask me questions about the remodel. It’s been fun!

For previous decorating posts look here (our old site) and here. K bye!