Happy Mail creative letter writing bookDoes anyone else love books filled with creative projects? As fun as Pinterest is to poke around, I find I’m more motivated to take action when I have a physical book in my hand. A few favorites from my bookshelf are Year of the Doodle, Creative Lettering and Beyond, and Hand Lettering A to Z.

I was so excited to get this book Happy Mail for Christmas that I set my mind to sending more snail mail in 2018.

Remember those days, before the internet, when you looked forward to checking the mail? That feeling you got when you know someone was actually focused on the task at hand and was thinking about you when they wrote it?

I don’t recall ever sitting down to write a letter with three other letters to different people going at the same time. Nowadays we start an email or text, hear the ding of another email coming in, and lose track of what we are doing. We open a new tab, start shopping on Amazon and try to remember what we were doing before we saw that Cooking with Coolio cookbook we had to have. SQUIRREL. We press send before finishing and leave the person on the other end wondering what the frick frack? We could at least tell them about Cooking with Coolio before sending it off.

Better yet, my biggest pet peeve, we talk to a phone to send a message that comes out completely different than anything we intended to say, and we don’t even proof it before we send. Am I the only one who thinks talk to text is the WORSE invention ever? Focus friends! FOCUS. Slow down, take time and focus. (End of rant)

Now that this post has gone from books, to letter writing, to my strong dislike of technology, I’ll end with this…


Join my 2018 #HappyMailProject by filling out your info on the form below. Cross my heart I won’t sell it or send you any junk mail (unless you consider my silly doodles and poor grammar complete junk, then maybe. There is no spell check in snail mail.)

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  1. Looking forward to some snail mail 🙂 Mine won’t be creative like yours, but I will respond. It will be fun to get a little personal mail the old fashioned way!

    • MsRyliesMom Reply

      Yes, I’m so excited to get started. I’ll have my first letters out early next week!

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