I’ve never been much of a reader, my ADD brain can’t grasp the thought of sitting in a quiet room and following line after line of text. Maybe not the best way to start a book review, but stick with me here.

When Rylie was born I made it a point to read to her every night. I can only think of a handful of times we haven’t read together in her six years of life. As an infant in her rocking chair, then laying next to her crib, and now in her bed.

I’ve always known it was a good thing to get children in the habit of reading, but something I heard recently really stuck with me. Kids who’s parents read to them grow up to be readers because it brings them back to that special time they spent with you. It’s a time I get to spend encouraging her, teaching her, and sharing opinions, observations and other random chit chat.

It really is our favorite bonding time. And now that she can read, she never leaves home without a book in her bag. The back of my car is starting to look like a library (and so is our bathroom floor). She reads to me while I drive and I love hearing the inflection in her voice, the way she sounds out words she doesn’t know, and how she sometimes talks back to the book.

In her extra morning time before the school bell she sometimes goes to the library by choice, taking turns reading pages in books with her friends.

My kiddo is SUPER smart, but when it comes to being imaginative, we often struggle. She’s very literal and it’s sometimes tough getting those fairytale kid dreams going. She’s the first to point out when a story isn’t true, or a character is just an actor in costume.

That’s why I was super excited for the opportunity to review Giddy-Up FairyTale Cowgirl, a book dedicated to girls who are not afraid to dream, but more importantly to the ones who are.

Giddy-Up Fairytale Cowgirl Book Review

Book Review Giddy-Up Fairytale Cowgirl

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the song A Million Dreams from the movie The Greatest Showman. A song that closely matches the meaning behind this book. A story of dreaming the impossible and your ability to make it come true and believing in your dreams, even when others don’t.

Giddy-Up Fairytale Cowgirl is filled with an incredibly imaginative and vibrant combination of drawings, paintings, and photographs that bring the author Kat Ford’s childhood memories into a world of pure imagination as Willy Wonka might say. It’s as if she’s bringing you into her childhood diary of dreams. A scrapbook of sorts.

From mermaids swimming in a deep purple ocean to taming wild unicorns, this book captures the little kid dreams that tend to get lost in our modern sea of technology.

With a little help on a word here and there, my six year old loved reading this book and looking for treasures in the art on every page.

We’re always adding to our library and would love to know what you and your kiddos are reading! Share in the comments below!


I received a free book in exchange for this review. All thought’s are my own. You may find affiliate links throughout the post, this is how I get compensated for reading, writing and photographing my posts. Thanks for being a part of my story.

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  1. I love your posts Mary! It is so wonderful she loves to read.

  2. Wild unicorns and mermaids….this book sounds perfect for my girls! Thanks for the great review.

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