My sister has quite a way with words, and she is brilliant in the kitchen. By brilliant I mean she can take high calorie foods that I love and make them low-calorie, vegetarian and delicious! Here are a few quick ways to use her favorite non-fat yogurt, FAGE.

In her own words…

“If you mix some Ranch Dip mix in with FAGE it makes a delicious dip for carrots and pretzels.
Mix it with cilantro and eat it on tacos instead of sour cream, or with sriracha for a little spicy dip or topping. OR… with fat free feta for a delicious dip or spread on a veggie burger. There you go, I just wrote you a damn blog post.”

P.S. she also made that super adorbs cloth napkin in the photo.

Confession: I threw this post together as an excuse to play with my new photo lights.

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  1. Aunt Carol Reply

    Nice work on the blog Tricia – and nice work with your new photo lights Mary. What talent this family has!

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