If you haven’t tried Gourmet Garden herbs you must! These herbs come in a handy tube and stay fresh for months. I love that I can keep them in my freezer and use them any time without even having to thaw them. AMAZING.

A few weeks ago I received a cooler packed with herbal goodness from Gourmet Garden. I hate cutting up herbs, particularly garlic, so having this package delivered to my doorstep was like a dream come true. The cooler was filled with Basil, Chili Pepper, Cilantro, Dill, Garlic & Chunky Garlic, Ginger, Italian Herbs, Lemon Grass, Oregano and Parsley.

The Lemon Grass piqued my curiosity, can’t say I ever cooked with it before. So I was on a mission to figure out what it was and what to do with it. I ended up with somewhat of a Pei Wei inspired dish. Sort of a mish-mash of different Pei Wei dishes that turned out fabulously, if I say so myself.


What you need:
Olive Oil
Green Peppers
Red Onion
Soy Sauce
Water Chestnuts
Chunky Garlic
Lemon Grass

I simply steamed my asparagus and started my rice as I cooked my salt and pepper seasoned chicken breasts in some olive oil and chunky garlic. Once the chicken was cooked thoroughly, I removed it from the pan and sauteed my onions, peppers, tomatoes, water chestnuts (I love the crunch) and steamed asparagus in a mixture of soy sauce, cilantro, ginger, lemon grass, a little more garlic and basil. Once the flavors started coming together I threw my chicken back in and simmered the combination until my rice was done.

It was a seriously flavorful and healthy dish!

But recipes don’t always have to be so complicated. I love that I can pull out a tube of Gourmet Garden Chunky Garlic and sautee something as simple as my steamed brussel sprouts with it. These herbs seriously make cooking SO EASY. And having a 18 month old kiddo running around, I REALLY need easy.

brussel sprouts

I’ve got plenty of these herbs left so stay tuned for more delicious fresh made easy recipes.

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      What?!? I had no idea tomato paste in a tube existed!

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