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Sharing My #Disneyside

So, many people think that I, a grown adult, am straight up bananas for loving Disney so much. But loving Disney isn’t a choice I made, it’s in my genes… I was born for Disney!

Since I was recently chosen by Disney to host a #disneyside @home celebration, I thought I’d share a little about my Disney history.


In the early 70’s, before I was even a thought, these fine looking people (aka, my parents) visited Disney on their honeymoon. At that time it was only the Magic Kingdom, and they stayed at the Contemporary Resort.

Then I came along. One thing I remember clearly about my childhood was watching the Mickey Mouse Club and dreaming of the day I would meet my favorite mouse. That day finally came around 1980 when my parents tricked me into getting on a plane and making me think we were chosen to test out some new luggage system for the airline. SURPRISE! We ended up in Orlando where my dreams came true.


We left my sister home for this trip, but took another a few years later, apparently during a zombie apocalypse… (that’s us in front of the Crystal Palace) and the decade of photo bombers (who’s that guy sneaking into my character pic?)


Our First Movie Adventure; Disney’s Frozen


We brought Rylie to see Disney’s Frozen this weekend. Getting her into the theatre door was like trying to drag a cat out of the house on a leash. I’m not sure why she was so terrified when we got to the door, but prior to that she was pumped to go see princesses on the big movie tv screen.

When we finally got in the theatre she would not let Harris put her in her chair. She was clinging to him for life. As the trailers started rolling she thought they were pretty funny and laughed all the way through until the scary trailer. About half-way through the movie (when Olaf the snowmann makes an appearance) she finally started feeling comfortable and sat in the chair by herself, eating her grapes, drinking her juice and just zoning in on the movie. Then, things got a little too comfortable and she insisted on standing and swinging on the bars in front of us. We took 2 quick trips to the bathroom, she desperately wanted chicken nuggets (which we got her after and she never ate) and then gave a big applause when the movie was over. There were no tears, no yelling, crying or out of control tantrums. I think it was good. But don’t ask her about the movie, she has nothing to say.

Personally I loved the movie!

On the way home we made a quick pit stop where Rylie noticed “hats” aka bras and stood up next to the models begging to have her picture taken. Who am I to deny her?


A Not-So-Scary Halloween at Disneyworld


So I may have gone a little over our vacation budget this year. After many years of consideration, I finally splurged on tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. It was worth it! Lucky for us kids 3 and under are free to the party and all the Disney Parks and Hotels, so why not take advantage while we can, right? Ok, I’ll stop trying to talk myself out of the guilt now.


Ms. Rylie insisted she be a pirate, but she refused to wear her pirate hat. Oh well, still cute.


You just can’t beat trick-or-treating at The Magic Kingdom, and they don’t cheap out on the candy. My favorite stop was the Werther’s Originals shop. Caramel candy with apple filling… count me in!





After the Hallow-wishes fireworks, we closed out the night with a Monsters Inc. Dance Party where Rylie proceeded to strip down to her tights. She had enough of that darn tutu, it was time to party!



This was my first fall visit to Disney World. The weather was so perfect, not a drop of rain until the day we left, warm but not too hot during the day and chilly evenings made for the most perfect trip. I can’t wait to go back!


See ya real soon!

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