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A Lesson in Patriotism


Each week Rylie’s homework assignment requires her to learn a new vocabulary word. This week we chose patriotism. A big word for a three year old. Right now she understands it as wearing red, white and blue, celebrating her freedom by running through thousands of American Flags and letting red, white and blue balloons float into the air and clapping for them. If only it were that simple. I suppose we will continue to work on the importance of this day and this concept over the next few years. Continue reading

Museum Day at i.d.e.a.

idea Museum

It was such a busy day yesterday. We explored the jungle, went black light camping, made crafts from recycled materials, planted flowers, harvested corn and took center stage in a geisha performance. I’m certain we did more but that list alone exhausts me.

Visiting the i.d.e.a. museum in Mesa, AZ was one of the most fun things we’ve done in a while. I’m certainly not opposed to making a mess someplace other than my own house for the low price of $8 a person.

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Sharing My #Disneyside

So, many people think that I, a grown adult, am straight up bananas for loving Disney so much. But loving Disney isn’t a choice I made, it’s in my genes… I was born for Disney!

Since I was recently chosen by Disney to host a #disneyside @home celebration, I thought I’d share a little about my Disney history.


In the early 70’s, before I was even a thought, these fine looking people (aka, my parents) visited Disney on their honeymoon. At that time it was only the Magic Kingdom, and they stayed at the Contemporary Resort.

Then I came along. One thing I remember clearly about my childhood was watching the Mickey Mouse Club and dreaming of the day I would meet my favorite mouse. That day finally came around 1980 when my parents tricked me into getting on a plane and making me think we were chosen to test out some new luggage system for the airline. SURPRISE! We ended up in Orlando where my dreams came true.


We left my sister home for this trip, but took another a few years later, apparently during a zombie apocalypse… (that’s us in front of the Crystal Palace) and the decade of photo bombers (who’s that guy sneaking into my character pic?)


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