In the blink of an eye this little one has become such a big girl. It’s tough keeping up with her, but we have so much fun on our little adventures. We spent last weekend exploring Phoenix parks. It was a weekend of firsts. First swing (she didn’t like it), first merry go round (loved it), first train ride (she was on the fence about this one).

On Saturday we visited the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. All day long we pretended to pull our whistle and say choo choo. Watching her excitement about everything that’s going on around her is so fascinating. Such little things make her so happy. I wish everyone could live like that. We rode the tiniest train ever and I only got a little nervous when she started saying all done, only half way through the ride. She was easily distracted by the other train passing us though, she waved to everyone on it and we made it through to the end. The carousel was by far her favorite attraction of the day though.

Sunday was family day. We spent the morning at Cesar Chavez Park and even ran into one of Rylies classmates. We fed ducks, slid on slides and attempted another go at the swings.




So much for this little girl to explore… what should we do next weekend?

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  1. cathy lampron Reply

    My my, Rylie you are growing up so fast. Nama wishes she could be there to experience life with you. Enjoy your childhood. Love Nama

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