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Discovery Jar

Discovery Jar

Rylie’s teacher made these cute little discovery jars in school last week and the kids loved them. Simple enough so I made some of my own.

Here is what you need
Any kind of water bottle (I chose this Neuro Sonic Water because I liked the shape of the bottle, very similar to a lava lamp and it was pretty yummy)
Anything small that you have in your craft room. I used pom poms, glitter, buttons, and beads.

Just peel off the label, drink the contents, fill with water, throw in the good stuff, and voila! A really easy toy to keep baby occupied for at least a little while.

Note: Don’t glue the top on, after a few days the water gets a little murky and you need to refill.


Painted House by Rylie Gardner

One of the highlights of my day is reading Rylie’s daily reports from school. Not because I want to hear about the last time she pooped, I mean I do want to know if I’m going to have a stinky diaper to deal with later on, but that’s not the fun part. What’s fun is the “What I did today” part of the report that just makes me giggle when I read them. I can’t believe the things they teach these little ones to do. On this particular day Rylie’s report noted that they stripped down and painted in the nude. WHAT FUN!

Rylie brings home an art project every few weeks. I’ll be sure to share them as I get them.

TIP: If you are like me and keep all these little treasures, be sure to check out Paper Coterie. They have some great little memory keeper boxes. From now until Feb. 5 you can get 40% off all of their Love products if you enter the code LOVE2012.

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