Little Girl Adventures


In the blink of an eye this little one has become such a big girl. It’s tough keeping up with her, but we have so much fun on our little adventures. We spent last weekend exploring Phoenix parks. It was a weekend of firsts. First swing (she didn’t like it), first merry go round (loved it), first train ride (she was on the fence about this one).

On Saturday we visited the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. All day long we pretended to pull our whistle and say choo choo. Watching her excitement about everything that’s going on around her is so fascinating. Such little things make her so happy. I wish everyone could live like that. We rode the tiniest train ever and I only got a little nervous when she started saying all done, only half way through the ride. She was easily distracted by the other train passing us though, she waved to everyone on it and we made it through to the end. The carousel was by far her favorite attraction of the day though.

Sunday was family day. We spent the morning at Cesar Chavez Park and even ran into one of Rylies classmates. We fed ducks, slid on slides and attempted another go at the swings.




So much for this little girl to explore… what should we do next weekend?

Sunday Dinner – Fresh Ravioli

I always loved Sunday night family dinners as a kid, and now that I have my own kiddo, and it’s one of the only nights of the week my husband doesn’t have to do homework, I’m trying to get in the habit of having a real meal each week on Sunday. By real meal I mean, we stand and eat and try to get our child to sit down and eat as well, but regardless, we are all in the same room eating something other than refried beans and crackers.

I was at the mall today at my favorite cooking store (Sur la Table) and picked up a ravioli cutter. I didn’t intend for us to have ravioli for dinner, but when Harris offered, I certainly wasn’t going to turn it down!

We started with ricotta, egg, sage, and a dash of nutmeg.

We started with some ricotta, egg, sage and a dash of nutmeg. Mix it all up real good!


Chop up some spinach and watch those fingers!

Then we used some sausage we had in the freezer, removed it from the casing and cooked it up good. Once cooked thoroughly, mix it in with the ricotta.


Appease your screaming child by offering her a cracker and a book.


Then, get down to business making your pasta sheets. If you’d like detailed instructions, please leave a comment, but if you have a KitchenAid attachment, just follow the simple instructions in the booklet.


Look mom, Im being good now!


Drop about a tablespoon of your ricotta mixture per ravioli.





Bon Appetite!

A New Year

We made it through another year, SUCCESS!

Overall it was a pretty fabulous holiday season for all of us. Rylie had a visit from Nama (Grandma) all the way from New Jersey. They had so much fun playing and learning together.

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Rylies vocabulary has developed greatly over the last week. I’ve heard the phrase “found her voice” but never really understood what it meant until now. The kid got LOUD all of the sudden.

It was definitely a “foodie” Christmas for all. We LOVE eating and cooking together and it’s definitely something I want Rylie to learn to love as well. We bought her the sweetest kitchen and a number of food related board books including Hola! Jalapeno, Mangia! Mangia! and My Foodie ABC: A Little Gourmet’s Guide where she has learned that Kobe Beef goes moo and you get your tacos at the “ria” (taqueria). Yeah, she’s pretty advanced.

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Cooking class #foodie

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A toddlers food themed Christmas #foodie

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She also got some pots & pans from Aunt Trish and a grocery cart full of food from Aunt Sherri. We’ll be enrolling her in Le cordon bleu next week.

Even Daddy got a pasta making set for the Kitchenaid which we have put to use multiple times and we got loads of spices from Penzys.

In addition to the fab foodie gifts, we had a feast fit for a king. For Christmas Eve I made my traditional Beef Bourguignon. I make it each year along with my husbands famous gruyere potatoes, bread, salad and wine. I love any opportunity to have a nice sit down dinner with good company.

For Christmas my mom made the most incredible Italian feast. Sausage, meatballs, lasagne, baked ziti and my most favorite chicken filled our bellies. Again home made bread on the side and 30+ people at our house. It was stressful but great at the same time. I love watching the baby play with her cousins and being surrounded by family.

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As usual, New Years was a snooze. We ended the year with some delicious raviolis made by my man and then just chilled watching a terrible movie and hit the hay around 12:30.

And now back to reality. No more breaks from work, husband is back to school and I am kind of down about it all. But, it’s time to pick myself up and figure out how to make me happy!

So with the new year at hand, I again vow to try and update more. This time for real… No, seriously.

Happy New Year!

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The princess of New Years #2013 #picfx

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